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What are our products used for?

Our pole cameras and inspection robots are used to harvest data in the field to easily create reports. One application example where they have been extensively used is water drainage and bridge inspection. Companies like AURIZON select our products to inspect railway pits. There are a vast amount of other applications, for example air duct inspection and other difficult to reach areas. With automated reporting throughout various areas, the pole cameras and inspection robots are valuable within most industries.


Why choose our systems?

Our systems provide you with an off-the-shelf solution, or tailored to your needs. We offer maintenance services and have cutting edge technology systems that will suit all of your requirements.


Need more information?

Please contact us to find out more information about our products. If you have a specific requirement we can develop a solution that is right for you.


Need a robot to crawl where you can't?

Our background is in robotics and we can provide you with a perfect solution for inspection of places you cannot reach. Robots which are either remote-controlled, semi-automated or fully-automated can be customised for you according to your needs.